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I know, I know. Print is dead. But nothing beats feeling the ink of a silkscreened piece, or tracing your fingers along the ridge of an embossed font. I like to think of the medium as undead. Call me an optimist. Check out the projects below for a sampling of my favorite zombies.

Rockstar Games
Kid Cudi Poster
Aim for the Head book cover
Newlyweds movie poster
Encyclopedia Project posters

Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm pretty disappointed that I'm not living like George Jetson by now. Luckily, I can keep myself busy with websites, facebook apps, and e-cards while I wait for my robot maid and my hover board. Take a look at my favorite distractions.

Joe D'Angio website
Brutherford Industries website
New Balance App character design
Valentine's Day e-cards

These projects are a little harder to explain. Some deal with identity and branding, some span multiple mediums, and some are just plain weird. They're a bit like that russian-folk-piano-rock-czech-hip-hop band you keep desperately trying to explain to your friends. Take a look and see what I mean.

Architekt Music skate decks
People Like Me Apparell
Personal Illustrations